By Pilgrimcollection


Meet EVA, the most complete ultrasonic diffuser in our range.

Designed in Italy, this beauty combines our latest adaptive mist function with a timer, alternate mode and a relaxing meditation light.

Eva features a massive 600ML water tank that can last up to 18 hours.


  • Italian design
  • Adaptive mist technology (high or low mist outlet)
  • Timer function (1h,2h,3h)
  • Extra Long cord : 72 inch long
  • Water capacity and surface capacity: 600ML / 450 SQ ft
  • Low energy consumption
  • Up to 18 hours working in intermittent timer mode (30 Seconds on/ 30 seconds off) / 6-8 hours in fully on mode
  • Independent LED warm mediation light / fixed or off mood light
  • Whisper-Quiet fan
  • Ultrasonic technology
  • Size: height: 10.6 Inch*Width 9.3Inch
Download Eva user manual
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