Anton ocean blue

By Pilgrimcollection


Discover Anton ultrasonic aroma diffuser

Available only in USA

Anton has a stylish design and simplifies your life. Color changing, fixed or turned off LED gives you a relaxing and peacefull lighting experience.

Because of it compact shape it's easy to install it almost everywhere in your home. Anton has 2 mist modes: continuous and intermittent. Up to 8 hours intermittent mist mode, 4 hours continuous mist mode.

  • Italian Design
  • Size: 5.11 inches x 4.7 inches
  • Ultrasonic technology: 1.7 mhz
  • Max. level of water: 140 ml
  • Max. time: 4 hours continuous mode / 8 hours intermittent mode
  • Effective area: 25m²
  • LED light: color changing
  • Resistant to essential oils
  • Power input of diffuser: 24V - 0.5A
  • Power: 12 Watt
  • Water supply: Tap water
  • Accessories: Instructions manual, Adaptor
Download Anton user manual
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