What we make

At Pilgrim we make products that enhance your well being at home. Through aromatherapy, ambient lighting and seamless functionality, our products are able to transform living spaces into stress-free escapes for its occupants. Never compromising on design, quality and usability, Pilgrim’s products are not home appliances to be hidden away, but stylish additions to your home that can take center stage.

What we believe

At Pilgrim we believe that your home should be a safe haven. An escape, a stress free environment where one can relax, away from the world outside. All too often, stress and worry dictates the decisions that we make. Through our products, we want to create positive living environments for our customers and help them to create their own personal oasis at home.

How we do it

European design meets Asian craftsmanship with Pilgrim’s products. Working with talented designers in Italy and Belgium we strive to set ourselves apart from the competition, creating industry leading products in both form and function. Striving to improve upon every product we make, we will continue to push for the highest standards of quality.

How we got here

Our pilgrimage started in 2011, when we made the brave decision to move from Belgium to Hong-Kong. With an open mind, a determined spirit and a dream of making our products a reality, we dived head-first into life in the Far East. The road has been one filled with obstacles and ups and downs. From vendor mishaps to client dramas, each trial and tribulation has made us stronger and only strengthened our resolve to make Pilgrim and its products a success.

Our team