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This nebulizer is a workhorse

I love The Sofia Nebulizer so much that I purchased one and then about a year later when a different brand just stopped working I purchased another. Now, I have one in my bedroom and one in my guest room. I love the soft light and the scent that it puts out and so some wear and tear are expected. Every year or so I buy another glass reservoir for them because they do burn. It is a delicate mechanism. In the meantime I keep them clean and very active. Thank you for a beautiful and wonderful product.

Zoe is a dream come true

I have been thoroughly enjoying my Zoe diffuser! It is not only the best diffuser I've ever owned functionally, but it is also a centerpiece in my home. It is so beautiful! I plan to buy one for everyone in my family eventually! It is the perfect birthday, holiday, wedding or house warming gift!

The Pilgrim people are honorable and nice

I bought the Sofia. It worked ok the first one time I used it, after that it did not really diffuse any scent. The inside filament turned black , it seemed clogged. I tried to wipe it out, soak it, nothing would unclog it or take away the black inside the tube. My experience is the same as the other user.
The good news I was issued a refund without a problem. These people are very nice. Try a different diffuser from them.



Almost Right

I've tried quite a few diffuser, and this one is one of my favorites simply because it isn't made of plastic and looks great with any decor. That said, there's two problems: 1) it's loud. I can't have this on in my living room if I'm watching tv. The noise is just too distracting. 2) It "eats" oil up like no other diffuser I've had. I read in other reviews that they are confused why the "steam" stops after a bit. I can tell you why: your pool of oil at the bottom is now longer enough to keep up with the diffuser. Instead the oil is spread out all over the glass insert and builds up in the lid. If you look at the oil reservoir you'll find the "max" line is quite high. With some essential oils upwards of $100 (rose, melissa, sandalwood, etc) I can't use a quarter bottle to keep this thing running! I've learned to let it "rest" a while between uses to allow the oil to drain down and to be a little more heavy handed than I am with my other diffusers.

Simply Beautiful!

This is one of my favorite diffusers. It is beautiful in design with high quality. I have both the Teo and now the Zoe. They are both beautiful and function as a beautiful decorative piece as well as a diffuser. The ambient light is also perfect. The Zoe has a remove with many functions that dim the light so you can adjust as needed. With the strong mist mode It also functions as a humidifier. The Zoe is perfect in both design and functionality!


I love my diffuser! It’s crazy to see the difference between cheaper diffusers. The scents are much stronger, the light is beautiful, and it’s so simple in design which I love. It’s pretty big so it diffuses all day! Treat yourself :)

The Best Diffuser on the market!

I have bought the Teo as a gift for family and friends twice now, so I finally decided to purchase one for myself after hearing their great feedback. Love this diffuser - it's really difficult to find a diffuser that is both pretty and works well and this one does both! The customer service was also wonderful - I had to have one of the gifts expedited and they were so kind and helpful.

Very pleased

I am very pleased with the Zoe diffuser! The overall look is so modern & fits into our home aesthetic so nicely. I am very impressed with the remote control capabilities. 10/10 recommend :)

Love the Teo!

I bought my first Teo diffuser nearly a year ago and have been so pleased with the product that I recently purchased a second one for other areas of my home. The diffuser is working perfectly after a year of nearly daily use, and I love the calming effect. The Teo diffuser is small and the design is simple and sculptural. It blends well into my living room decor, and fills my whole first floor (approx. 1,500 sf, open plan) with wonderful, soothing scents. I had not used a diffuser before this one, and did not know what to expect. I was afraid the oils would be heavy or too strong, but they are not at all. I have used the Pilgrim 'Zen' collection and recently also purchased 'Purify' and 'Strength'. The Teo is very easy to use and to clean. The top of the unit is a beautiful white ceramic, and the base is wood. I choose not to use the light and always opt for the fourth setting, which runs on a timer for approximately three hours. The reservoir hold enough water for me to use for two 3-hour settings. The unit comes apart and reassembles very easily, and all you need to do to clean it is to wipe out the reservoir with a clean cloth occasionally. If you do use the light feature, it is very soft, and the unit is truly quiet--no beeps, buzzing, etc. I love my Teo and have been so pleased with the Pilgrim products, highly recommend for anyone considering a diffuser and seeking simplicity and ease-of-use! I have received many compliments on it!

Very nice! Some suggestions..

Firstly- I love my Zoe diffuser so much I bought another one for my roommate. Just a few small areas for improvement: 1) the water tank is large but after a few hours, the waters still there but the aroma kind of dissipates? And so it’s not a diffuser anymore, just a low key humidifier. 2) the mist isn’t actually super strong. I would say the “strong must” setting is like my regular vitruvi diffuser mist level 3) there’s no way to put a timer on the lamp 4) wishful thinking but wish we could schedule when the mist/lamp should be on for eg at 6 am or sthg 5) and this is very specific but when my roommate uses the remote for hers (in a different although adjoining room) it switches mine on or off as well!! 6) wish there was also a way to turn it on or off etc without the remote!

OK that was a lot of critiques but I still do love it !!


All of the functionality is wonderful. It’s just too white of glass and too blue of a light when illuminated. Would love it more if it was a softer warmer glow.


I LOVE this diffuser!!! And all my other diffusers from pilgrim. This company is awesome customer service is great too!

Will be purchasing again as a gift

Really like the look of this diffuser. The best part about it is that it just works. You don't have to fuss and fiddle with it.

It's tranquil and really gives an elegant vibe to a room.

I'm definitely going to be purchasing this as a gift for some friends.

'Uplift' Collection


The Zoe is seriously the best diffuser ive owned. It runs for hours and the remote is a huge bonus. Love it!

Love this Diffuser

Great looking and I love the timer settings. Nice light options as well. I would buy it again.


This diffuser is so much bigger in person than it looks in photos and I love it. The water tank holds a lot so you don’t have to refill it 800 times. The glass dome is beautiful and the meditation light is my favorite. The remote is cool too, I just have to be sure and put it up high because my lab will chew it to pieces and we can’t have that.

Also, customer service from Pilgrim is 10/10. Highly recommend!


Love my Zoe

Aromatherapy Kit


I love this diffuser it produces a great long lasting diffusion with minimal water and less oils than I’ve used before and it is very quiet near soundless while so pretty to look at! I’ve had so many ultrasonics that have broken in the last year it was several online video recommendations that helped me find this one - although I have the Sofia I didn’t know about Teo... Sofia is great In our bathroom it fills the room with pure scent fast and then we let it rest. Teo is great for our bedroom and living room as the scent is gentle and sustained, and I can not say it enough a good diffuser makes less oil go further ... Teo is great.

I am confused...

I purchase 7 SOFIA Diffusers in order to use them in different areas at home and was very exited about it. But I am confused.
• At the beginning you can easily see the breeze that produces but after a couple of hours the breeze is not produced any more.
• I cleaned the glass reservoirs and it happened again, the breeze flows for les than two hours and then nothing.
• I tried 3 of them and it is the same.
I hope you can help me because I do not want to feel that invested a lot of money in nothing.

Zoe Starter Bundle

This is the best diffuser I have ever owned. Easy to use, lots of features, and does not leak like my other diffusers did.

So pretty!

This diffuser is so much prettier in person than in the pictures. The mist is strong (different settings), the light is adjustable and it is so soft through the glass cover. The diffuser is nicely built, the wood bottom is a nice touch. Highly recommend.

Hi Misty, We're thrilled you're happy with Zoe! Thanks for the wonderful review. Kindest, Pilgrim Customer Experience Team
Too flim poorly made poor quality too expensive

The glass doesn't sit on the difuser properly and it smashed!!!! Very disappointed in quality for the price. There should be groves to slot the glass top into for safety and care to stop breakages. not even 1 day old and the glass smashed!!! Super expenaive to break so easily

Hi Marina, We appreciate the feedback. We're sorry to hear that the glass dome to your Zoe broke - we've reached out to you directly to help resolve the issue and look forward to your reply. Kindest, Pilgrim Customer Experience Team