Pilgrim Collection - On a journey to create well-being

Who would have thought that creating a calming device would have been so stressful?

Back in 2011, right after college and several trips to Asia, we were fascinated by the energy and the entrepreneurial spirit of China but also by the care and skill the Chinese use to transform their home into calme oases. During a decisive phone call, we decided that we were going to move to Asia. This call was the beginning of an adventure that was going to change our lives forever.

Little did we know that the next three years would be spent in manufacturing halls with ups and downs for breakfast every day. Like the one time, instruction leaflets had to be folded by hand in less than three days. Or being at a funeral trying to dodge doomsday calls from our biggest client. What kept us going was our mission to be the first to offer the best and most beautiful home appliance to improve your well being.

Calm your life. Isn't the world stressful enough as it is?

The hustle form work, travels, and big city lives made us realise the importance of peaceful homes. The world is going at such a fast pace and we believe that coming home should be a new kind of luxury, a pleasure, a gift.

Alongside Italian designers, Asian craftsman, but also through feedback from our sisters and friends, we embarked on our endeavour to develop, produce and test our products from every single component and piece of material - up to finished product. Our first project was to merge all the beneficial elements of an aroma diffuser with the pleasing aesthetics of a well-designed object.

Today, our products have the ability to restore zn to your home, calm your immune system, improve sleep patterns and bring overall well being. On top of that, our aroma diffusers combine affordable, but luxurious design. Basically, all we set out to do when we started our pilgrimage in 2011.

Our way to new adventures

This is just the beginning for us as young explorers. Our ambition is not only to make the benefits of aromatherapy better known but to create easier and more aesthetic tools to improve your well being at home.

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Charles and Louis