Don’t Make These 5 Mistakes With Your 1st Diffuser!

Posted by Emma Jones X Pilgrim Collection

1. Use smaller tanks, not big diffusers.

Not a well-known fact, but bigger tanks actually lose aromas quickly even with longer runtimes! Don’t pay for just the mist.

2. Get a diffuser that elevates your decor.

Most first-time buyers don’t see how ugly a plastic diffuser looks in their home before it’s too late.

3. Make sure to find a BPA-free tank.

BPA found in plastic tanks can also diffuse into the air and expose you to dangerous chemicals, risking a variety of health problems. Kind of defeats the purpose of an aromatherapy diffuser.

4. Say no to loud diffusers!

You don’t have to put up with a loud diffuser. Some of them gurgle loudly, and sometimes they even leak! Silence is golden for a peaceful atmosphere.

5. Timers help more than you think.

If you’re going to be using your diffuser everyday, it’s good to space out your sessions to help save oils and prevent desensitizing yourself from the aromas. Timers here are a GODSEND and a smart feature that I can’t live without anymore.

Now, you might be wondering, “Who are you to be so sure that these tips are going to help me?

Trust me. I totally get it.

I couldn’t go a day without my essential oils, but it doesn’t help that the aromas just don’t last longer than 30 minutes! Sometimes, even less than that.

I’ve tried everything I could, from using less water, increasing the amount of drops I typically use, and of course…

Buying more, and more, and MORE oils from different brands! 

But the result is the same, except that now I’ve got a lighter wallet and still lighter aroma…

It wasn’t until my friend suggested looking for a smaller diffuser, and to my surprise –


I couldn’t believe my eyes (and nose!), the mist was stronger and the smell was DEFINITELY more potent. It turns out, the stronger scent in my case boiled down to the diffuser – it made the BIGGEST difference!

For that, I have to thank Pilgrim’s cute little Teo Ultrasonic Diffuser!

You really can’t go wrong with Teo – there’s a limited 15% OFF on Pilgrim’s website with code QUICKSALE – and you don’t wanna miss out!


Seriously, save yourself the heartbreak!

When I first got my $350 diffuser as a gift from my hubby – thanks love ❤️ – I couldn’t help but feel disappointed when I only got 30 minutes worth of scenting! I was scratching my head, and I didn’t want to tell my husband that I think he got ripped off…

So it’s ABUNDANTLY clear that Pilgrim cares about quality over quantity when Teo, the little diffuser, retains my essential oils’ scents for MUCH longer – over 6 hours!

It finally replaced my big and expensive “all-day” diffuser, and my husband wasn’t even mad! He only wished that he knew about Teo earlier…

Honestly, if you’re a first-time diffuser shopper, don’t make the same mistake we did! Start off strong!

Teo + Disconnect Kit



15% Savings - Use Code [QUICKSALE]

Superior Scent Retention.

Everytime I walk by this diffuser, even after its 6-hour runtime, it smells exactly like I just put the oils in. You have no clue how hard that is to come by! You may be able to get a diffuser that runs all day, but that doesn’t matter when there’s no scent left…

Thanks to Teo’s thoughtfully compact reservoir (it’s in the little details!), the scent retention punches waaaay above its weight class and gives even some nebulizers a run for their money 💸

A Work of Art. Honestly.

I was speechless when I got my Teo, and it just can’t look bad anywhere I put it! It’s like Pilgrim knows I’m into that rustic aesthetic. This isn’t your cheap plastic diffuser with corny distracting lights.

A Mean, Green, Diffusing Machine.

Our cute Teo’s base is made of beautiful and environmentally friendly and responsible FSC-certified beech wood, and the water tank is made of BPA-free plastic for safe diffusing and a cleaner air to your home!

Best Bang For Your Buck.

At $129 for the Teo + Disconnect Kit [UPDATE – $109.65 for a limited time! Use code QUICKSALE for 15% off your first purchase], Teo is definitely a steal.

Amazing aromas that last longer? Elegant interior-lifting design? Superior build quality? Not to mention, an ENTIRE set of essential oils from the get-go…a package like this is SO hard to find!

At the end of the day, buying a diffuser is an investment that can’t be made lightly. You want them not to only smell good every time you walk past, you also want your home and family to truly benefit from your valuable oils.

Today, I’m happier than ever with my Teo, and I’m not looking back!

If you’re in the same boat as I am and are SICK of paying for empty mists, I highly recommend trying out Pilgrim’s Teo diffuser.

LATEST UPDATE: The Teo Ultrasonic Diffuser is low on stock. Order your Teo Kit today for February delivery!

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Emma Jones
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Looking to find a gift for my mom cuz she always wanted a good diffuser. Thanks for the help!


Emma to the rescue! I was arguing with myself that I NEEDED a gigantic tank, but now i’m just relieved that i don’t need to shell out so much for what I’m actually looking for

Fiona M.

Great advice for all the new buyers riding the aromatherapy trend. I’m a longtime YL and doTERRA user, but I gotta say that Teo outclasses even some of my more expensive diffusers. Bravo!


General tip, if I may – Check reviews too! That’s why I’m jumpin on Pilgrim after reading about all the love their teo diffuser’s getting.


PREACH! Totally agree with the tips. Bigger is not always better, and I can’t tell you how much I’ve wasted on disappointing diffusers 🤦🏻‍♀️


Wish i found you sooner! UGH! I just can’t get over how much money I’ve wasted on the wrong diffusers :(