Essential Oils – A Guide To Safe Usage

Unlike most of the modern medicinal techniques and products, essential oils offer a safe, natural and yet effective way to improve one’s health.

For hundreds if not thousands of years, people have used essential oils in various ways to treat and cure illnesses and ailments.

With that being said, like with anything, there’s a right way and a wrong way to use essential oils. This article will go over the general guidelines of how to use them.

First, although in some rare cases an experienced practitioner will use essential oil directly on the skin, it is definitely recommended to never put undiluted essential oil directly on the skin and especially sensitive parts like the mouth or eyes.

Second, it is important to know that essential can and do causes allergic reaction for some individuals, and, naturally, more so for people already having sensitive skin or allergies. Interestingly, that will also set apart some brands; products coming from companies that may be more expensive but use better quality product tend to cause less allergic reactions than cheaper products found online by unrecognised producers.

Third, it is worth doing some research about the different essential oils, there benefits and counter indications. Indeed some essential oils are just good for smell but offer no document benefit on the organism, just like some other are actually documented to have adverse effect on some people (we’re thinking here of people with asthma, epilepsy as well as pregnant women which could get negative reaction from intensive use).

Fourth, -we’ll bundle two precautions in one, the internal use of essential use should be avoided -with some very rare exceptions. This means if you own essential oils, you should be careful not to leave it in reach of children; although nothing fatal would normally happen, it could do some serious internal damage and, at least, require a good cleaning.

Fifth (and last), we would advise that in any instance you keep in mind that a lot of people are misguided by how soft/smooth essential can be and how they’ll tend to overdo the dosage. Essential oils do and will have an effect on your mood, overall wellbeing and, with certain oils, actually affect your immune system and health… Better be on the safe side and go a bit lower than too far.

Voilà, we hope you’ll have learned something or at least have a recap of the safe ways to use essential oils. Enjoy your latest aroma and -hopefully- thanks to our latest diffuser.

– The Pilgrim Collection Team